Sustainable aquaculture and waste water treatment systems


Bio-Blok Structure Filter Media

Biological Filter for Effective Removal of Nitrogen

A filter media for wastewater treatment of unprecedented quality

Good reasons why you should choose BIO-BLOK® for your next installation:
  • made from the environmentally friendly material – polyethylene, 100 %
  • has a unique design and surface structure enhance development of
    biological film.
  • contains neither PVC-compounds nor glue.
  • very resistant to deformation.
  • so strong that you can walk and work freely on the material.
  • easy to install and fit into any size or shape of bio-reactor or tank.
  • self cleaning, does not clog.
  • self supporting.
  • made with different surfaces per m3.
  • biologically and chemically non- degradable.
  • has a high porosity ensures sufficient aeration.
  • extremely efficient, stable and reliable during operation.
  • UV resistant.
  • easy to handle, modular and lightweight.

Fields of application

  • Wastewater treatment (moving bed filters, submerged aerated filters, trickling
    filters, RBC’s)
  • Drinking water treatment (aeration)
  • Recirculation systems
  • Scrubbers
  • BIO-BLOK 100
  • BIO-BLOK 150
  • BIO-BLOK 200
  • BIO-BLOK 80 HD G
  • BIO-BLOK 150 HD
Bee-Cell Filter Media




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