Sustainable aquaculture and waste water treatment systems



Fields of application

  • Polishing effluent from municipal waste water treatment works. The drumfilter can also replace primary or secondary clarifiers.
  • The Hydrotech Drumfilter is specially suitable in fish farming systems where it is essential to prevent the particles from fragmentation. Both in recirculated systems and in open systems for intake and outlet water.
  • Food processing industries are using the Hydrotech Drumfilter for treatment of waste water and for filtering CIP rinse water.
    Other examples are filtering transport water in plastic industries and purification of scrubber water in power plants


Key Points HEX F4 and F5 series

  • Patented BeeCell panel
  • More capacity per m².
  • Optimal draining
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Less backwash water
  • One cell can be easily blocked, no need to change whole panel.


AVKA Flex Drumfilter


F4-5C, Fish Farm USA


Special High Flow Tankversion F4-7T- Replacing Old HT Filters


Bypass Weirs for High Flow


Hex Filter Tankversions for High Flow


Intelligent Controlbox


Intake Water Installation, Scotland. F4-5T - Supporting Bar on New Versions not visible.


Saltwater Installation, Scotland. Close to the Atlantic Sea, Surface Treatment by Prolane. Coating protects steel construction.


Outlet Water must be Filtered and Disinfected.


Smoltfarm in Norway


RAS, South Africa


Panama Inlet Filtration


Aquariums, Drumfilters, Proteinskimmer, Biofilter and UV/Ozone





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