Sustainable aquaculture and waste water treatment systems


Ultraaqua Ultraviolet Systems

During the development and intensification of aquaculture, bacterial and viral diseases
have created severe problems. Today the farmers must accept that it is a problem
that can not be avoided. However, they can reduce the risk of loosing entire crops
by implementing disinfecting procedures of the water in their production systems.

In the wastewater treatment industry environmental legislation has increased the
demand of disinfecting the water before it enters the recipient.

GRM can offer equipment for disinfection that can be implemented in both aquaculture
and in wastewater treatment.


  • UV-radiation is a natural phenomenon.
    UV-radiation is energy electromagnetic radiation, which occurs in the natural spectrum of
    the radiation created by the sun

  • The UV-method is based on the sun's natural behaviour: ultraviolet rays destroy
    carcinogenic microorganisms in a matter of seconds by changing their genetic
    information (DNA) and in so doing prevent them from multiplying further.

  • More than 99.99% of all pathogens in water can be killed.
    The engineers behind Ultraaqua UV-systems has systematically optimised units that
    makes it possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens in water by continually
    monitoring success rates. Even higher rates of disinfection can be achieved when
    required for specific applications. 
  • The number one UV-lamp in the world.
    The Ultraaqua Ultratherm 220W lamp is superior to all other lamps on the market and is the heart of the UV system. The Ultratherm lamp (low pressure technology) provides a stable UV output through a wider temperature range. This special thermal adjustable lamp shows higher degrees of effectiveness and stability than other conventional lamps. It also exhibits a high UV power output (up to three times more than competitive low pressure lamps).
  • Lamp replacement are quick and simple.
    A simple four pin connector on the wire easily connects directly to one end of the lamp. Lamp replacement is made simple and effective.
  • Superior control with Ultratherm electronic power supply.
    To further increase efficiency, reliability and service lifetime, electronic power supplies for the lamps were developed. Compared to other electronic power supplies the Ultratherm has adjustable power output and thus the ability to optimise levels of ultraviolet rays to the water cooling temperature. In addition, the new electronic power supply replaces several components required in conventional systems, reducing overall electrical cabinet size and heat transfer requirements.
  • Get it your way with the Ultraaqua UV.
    If required, additional functions, such as ultraviolet dose indicators, automatic cleaning and remote monitoring via the internet, can be integrated. The unit can be delivered in titanium for salt water application. The control cabinet can be delivered in stainless steal if required.

Models: UV1, UV2, UV4, UV8, UV22 and UV75




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